Driveway Repair Ottawa – Winter Ready Your Driveway

pro seal ottawa driveway additionWith Winter fast approaching, we’ve entered the awkward transition between fall and winter known to bring freeze-thaw cycles. To Ottawa residents, this is the worst time of year for your driveway. Every thaw allows moisture, salt, and chemicals to penetrate your driveway; and every freeze causes them to expand, leading to cracks and crumbling. Fortunately, ProSeal is here to help.

Ottawa – City of Cracked Driveways

Ottawa Driveway Winter ReadyOttawa is notorious for its vicious freeze-thaw cycles. Every year, the city of Ottawa spends millions of dollars on the damage that they do to our city roads, and unfortunately they are no gentler on Ottawa driveways. Due to a combination of the frequency of freeze-thaw cycles and widespread salt usage, the average driveway in Ottawa requires re-sealing every one or two years to prevent widespread cracking and crumbling. Most driveways are only threatened by moisture penetration, but because of the quantity of salt used on city roads, as well as the chemicals dripping from under your car, Ottawa driveways are particularly exposed to degradation. These nasty chemicals accelerate the rate at which they dry out, which means the value of proper driveway maintenance and care cannot be understated.

Ottawa Driveway Preventative Maintenance

Because Ottawa driveways are exposed to the unique combination of fluctuating temperature and chemical-infused water, the maintenance requirements for the average Ottawa driveway is higher than normal. Fortunately, regular driveway sealing is a cheap and approachable method to keeping your driveway looking brand new for decades. Whereas usually driveway sealing is recommended once every four to five years, ProSeal recommends a two-to-three year sealing cycle in Ottawa. The salt and chemicals your car brings onto your on top of Ottawa’s frequent freeze-thaw cycles contribute to quickly degrading asphalt, and ignoring this fact can lead to a hefty bill when it comes time to replace a cracked and crumbling driveway.

Ottawa Driveway WinterDont Wait! Call ProSeal For Preventative Maitenance

Maintaining a quality driveway is considerably easier and cheaper than fixing a broken one, so don’t wait until problems appear to call ProSeal. Driveway sealing is 10% the cost and takes 5% of the time of a driveway replacement, so ensure you never have to bear the cost of a replacement by calling Proseal today!


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