Hot Asphalt Repairs in Ottawa

Pro Seal Ottawa offers a variety of hot asphalt repairs, including:

  • Cut Outs
  • Garage Lips
  • Potholes
  • Excavation and Driveway Widening
  • Hot Rubberized Crack Filling

What Are Garage Lips?

One of Pro Seal Ottawa’s hot asphalt repairs is the installation of garage lips. If the top of your Ottawa driveway has sunken down below the level of the garage floor, chance are you are in need of a garage lip. If this is the case, it is important to have it fixed immediately to avoid future damage. To solve this issue a garage lip is constructed, which will create a slope allowing the water to drain away from the garage floor foundation. The additions of a garage lip will help to eliminate cracks and other damages from forming within your garage or driveway. Contact Pro Seal Ottawa today to install your garage lip, before complications arise.

Damage to Asphalt & Concrete During Ottawa Summers

The Ottawa summer heat causes your driveway to expand and crack, leaving a gap between the asphalt and the concrete floor, that allows water to access the base and sub-base layers. This causes the base layer to shift, which eventually results in a sunken driveway. If this is allowed to continue, water will drain into the foundation area.

Due to the Ottawa summer heat, water begins to flow into the gap between the asphalt and the concrete floor. This water will eventually flow under the concrete floor, down to the foundation, causing cracks and leaking in the foundation and/or basement.

Contact Pro Seal Ottawa today to repair the damage caused to your driveway throughout the humid Ottawa summer.

Driveway Sealing Ottawa
Asphalt driveway during ottawa winter

Damage to Asphalt & Concrete During Ottawa Winters

During the frigid Ottawa winter, water that has drained into the base and sub-base layers begins to freeze. The freezing expands the water, causing the asphalt to heave and buckle. This creates more areas for water to get in, ultimately worsening the damage of your asphalt in the months to come.

Water that has managed to get under the concrete floor during winter, will freeze and expand, causing your concrete floor to crack. Repairing the concrete floor is a costly endeavour; it is much more cost effective to repair asphalt as natural wear and tear occurs.

If the long Ottawa winter seemed to have damaged your driveway, contact Pro Seal Ottawa today for our hot asphalt repair services.

Inexpensive repairs now, can prevent expensive costs later.

Our Approach to Hot Asphalt Repairs in Ottawa

  • Repack - We repack the gap between the concrete floor and asphalt driveway before paving a lip (where applicable).
  • Apply bonding agent - We use a special bonding agent to ensure a proper seal between the existing asphalt and the new asphalt being applied. This prevents peeling, and stops water from getting underneath the asphalt and/or the concrete floor.
  • Clean the surface - Properly clean the area to be paved and edge grass at sides to ensure proper bonding.
  • Apply a chalk line - Used for accurate straight lines.
  • Apply Hot Asphalt - Used for proper grade to ensure durability and fine finish.
  • Use best equipment for all tasks - We use state of the art equipment and the latest techniques to ensure the best possible results, and customer satisfaction.

Each one of these steps is applied for every Ottawa project. Other companies may skip a step here or there, but doing so only results in an inferior finished product, and wasted money for the customer.